I’d love your feedback

A few months ago we set up an interesting new alternative to our usual Custom Coaching Membership service, subscription membership. The main reason for this was that with time being limited, and only being able to coach a finite number of people (but still wanting to be able to help a lot more people with their training) I wasn’t able to have the influence on many more athletes, despite really wanting to. The typical Coaching Model isn’t scalable to larger numbers, and if we took on more Custom Athletes as demand increases we would be forced to turn people away. We added another Coach to our staff (Anna Lorimer) and she has helped significantly, but eventually she will fill up too, and we will be in the same predicament. In a service industry such as this time is limited, and the more people you pack into a group the less time you can spend on each person, and the more diluted the message becomes. I’m sure I’m not the only Coach who has come across this problem.

It was suggested to me a looong time ago (2 years is a long time in Small Business terms) by my good mate Cam Langsford (www.trainingtilt.com fame) that the subscription method of coaching is the future, as it is something that allows a coach to create training plans and scale it for a large number of people, over many different events. The athlete still has access to a high level of coaching services by using various member only features, which are made available upon reisgtering. This is something that has been done in many different industries. There are a few other Coaching organisations that provide subscription services and I have watched closely how they are implemented, delivered and managed. It’s a cool way feed training plans and advice to a large group of people, but still managing to have an element of customisation, that you don’t get from a generic ‘Off The Shelf’ plan.

The way our system works is you sign up and create your own user profile. You choose the plan you want to follow to train to your target event, and then utilise the additional resources and community components within your Member Dashboard to help you further develop the skills and motivation you require to put that plan in place, and hopefully achieve your goals. We are regularly adding more and more training plans, some of which will allow you to use macro and meso-cycles to focus on specific components of your training (Increased bike power, Run speed, Race Specific work, Tapering, Recovery phases etc…).

The ideal user for this system is the athlete who wants to have a training plan that is built by a professional coach but doesn’t want the same level of financial, emotional and physical commitment. You may be a beginner, or an expereinced seasoned athlete, it doesn’t matter….if you need a training plan, but not necessarily a full time coach I’d like to think we have accounted for most cases here, and if we haven’t got something for you here then we want to add it.

Obviously being the creator of this system, and not the user I don’t see it the same way others would, so I’d really like you to give me some honest feedback. If there is an area that needs to be improved then I want to be able to do that and develop a product that useful and effective, and therefore something you would recommend to your friends. You may not require it, but you might have someone in mind that would benefit from membership, and can put them on to it. It’s a fairly nominal price to sign up, and can be done either as a monthly payment or a one off year payment (which gives you a few months for free). We have some awesome discounts from some of our partner companies, and these actually make membership incredibly good value.

We have a 14 day Free Trial period, so the risk has been reversed. We want people to sign up and check it out, and we are totally cool if you cancel your membership after a couple of weeks having found out it isn’t the sort of thing you are after. If you feel it isn’t for you then please let me know what features it is about the membership that you don’t require. Positive or negative feedback, it’s all good, and is all appreciated. If you like what you see and are keen to continue your membership then don’t just leave your feedback there, keep coming with more ideas that you want to see implemented. We have an interactive in-app messaging system, so if you leave a message for us someone will most likely reply to you very quickly to answer your questions or respond to your comments.

I want this to be something that evolves into an awesome resource for you to come back to on a regular basis to gain more information on training for endurance events.

Visit our website www.foottrafficcoaching.com for more information.
To sign up follow this link
To contact us follow this link

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